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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Snacking My Way Across the Country

Three days of travel, two nights with friends, family and cats meant lots of snacking in between (well breakfast, appetizers, sweets, etc. are all lumped together as snacks). Here is a snacking preview, in no particular order, that is heavy on visuals and short on words.

Fresh white figs (my favourite) and sweet, delicious fresh date fruit (yes, when those fruit are dried, they become the dates you typically buy and eat/cook with).

- This delicious breakfast of baked cheese with semolina crust and eaten with sugar syrup in a special sesame seed soft bread (more details about this at Breakfast in Toronto entry).

Baked Lebanese Zucchini
(read more on those zucchinis) - a simple accompaniment or appetizer of those tiny white zucchinis sprinkled with thyme and olive oil and baked to perfection.

Atlantic salmon bagel breakfast served with fresh basil and tomato from the hosts' garden and fresh Ontario strawberries (we have not had such tasty strawberries this year in BC - those were delicious).

Bro Dessert of waffle biscuits, strawberries and blueberries covered with vanilla yogurt - yum.

Manakeesh - my favourite snack ever (but you have read about this before at Snacking Les Vacances Away). Briefly, this is a thyme/olive oil thin crust pizza that I can eat anytime (I have few frozen ones at home if you like to barter them for something or another).

Thank you M, R, M, L, R, V, S, B & P for lovely yummy snacks.

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