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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Lamb Rogan Josh

I so enjoyed the light curry dish I prepared last week (see Light Summer Eve) that I had to try another one.

The cookbook in sight has no author, is one of Blitz editions, and titled Step by Step Curries. This recipe
, Lamb Rogan Josh, is described as a "mild Kashmiri lamb dish". And it turned out mild and delicious.

The recipe is for lamb only, but I needed my vegetables for the day and none are around. The jardin did not disappoint and yielded two freshly dug out potatoes - yum - and more snow peas.

I then remembered some Thai eggplants that I bought during the Fraser Street Adventure (more on this in part 2 this weekend). I now had all I need.

The nice thing about this recipe is the simplicity of spicing. You saute sugar, cloves, bay leaves and green cardamoms, then add the meat and onions. More spices such as chilli, black cumin seeds, ginger paste are added last with the tomatoes. A bit of water and let it simmer away. If you'd like the recipe, please send an email titled Lamb Rogan Josh recipe to and it is yours.

The smell was heavenly, the spicing perfect, and those Thai eggplants were flavourful.

Now what remains is should we eat it with spoon, fork or chop sticks? Comment below please...

1 comment:

Dorothy said...

I'd go for the spoon unless you've got some nice bread to soak up the juices with!