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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Neighbourly Salmon

The evening begins with a neighbour bringing over part of his fishing bounty, freshly plucked out of the river today. Some text messaging, some calls and dining guests are on their way and a beautiful sparkly fire lit.

Two salmon BBQing experiments run simultaneously. Experiment 1 involved putting a slice of lemon on the salmon steaks and wrapping them with foil. Experiment 2 involved stuffing the salmon piece with lemon, coating it with BBQ sauce (yes, you read this right) and then wrapping it with foil. And on the fire they go for less than 30 minutes.

Results were surprisingly excellent for both experiments. The steaks delicious. And so was the BBQ sauce covered one. It had a subtle smokey, almost teriyaki taste but oozed with lemon flavour when you bit into it. Everyone was content and well fed, including the one who does not like salmon.

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