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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Proud to Be Eating Canadian

Canadian prairies first brought us Saskatchewan Turtle Burgers. Today they bring us Cavena Nuda - Rice of the Prairies (according to the package).

I found this package at Urban Fair and could not resist trying, simply for blogging material (blogomania at its best). Low in fat and sodium, free of cholesterol and trans fatty acids, high source of fibre and good source of iron - exactly what the doctor ordered.

But what is it? It is a variety of oats originally developed by Agriculture Canada, initially for baby pigs, and now for humans. 

Essentially they are naked oats. And because they are hull-free, they require less processing making them not only healthier for us but also environmentally friendly with no flooding or irrigation requirements.

Add to this their beautiful look and feel, and one wonders why those are not more of a kitchen staple in Canada.
Cooking them is easy, just as rice. 

They take slightly longer than the 40 minutes of cooking time on the cooking instructions, but once the water is absorbed they are tasty, chewy, and, at least for my own taste buds, much nicer than wild rice.

Tonight I ate them with a chicken stew, but the applications are endless and recipes are available at

I will sure be eating those again, I can just see them as a breakfast item - add milk and sweetened condensed milk and enjoy! Will keep you posted on my next Cavena Nuda adventure.

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