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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Plate Exchange

To the north of somerville kitchen lays the nicest neighbours ever. Their kitchen production is even more amazing than somerville kitchen (see Thai & Cake). And I am lucky enough to receive samples of their baking every now and then. Here are samples of the neighbourly plate exchange. 

The Green Plate

The green plate came south to somerville kitchen with delicious and fancy baked goodies made by different family members.

The green plate returned north with freshly baked Anita Cinnamon buns (see Vive Les Vacances).

The Fancy Cats Plate

The fancy cats plate started from somerville kitchen and went north with home made jardin rhubarb muffins (see recipe at What to do with Jardin Rhubarb). 

The fancy cats plate returned south with a delicious strawberry cherry pie, home made. Yum.

The Savoury Exchange

The jardin bucket was packed with jardin lettuce and dropped off north, right in time for dinner.

And, in return, freshly BBQ'd chicken wings with home made sweetish BBQ sauce were passed on south, right in time for a weekend evening appetizer.

The Blue Plate

Home made cookies and biscotti were shipped south over one night. I would never attempt making those given how complex the recipes I looked at are. So I was quiet grateful. 

The cute blue plate was then packed with the infamous somerville kitchen chocolate chips cookies that everyone adores and flown with the northern wind.

And The Sweets

Beautiful desserts, not home made, but delicious nonetheless. See that ladybug on the lemon meringue pie? Those showed up south, just because.

And a platter of the recently perfected Atayef were sampled up north (and apparently were a real hit). (more on those at Aunt Jemima Atayef). 

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