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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Broccolini Leaves Soup

Last weekend I bought local broccolini (see Saturday Night Pasta). I used the florets and was left with all those leaves and stems.

Fall, cold nights, what else. Soup! I thought best to apply the recipe I used for jardin celery soup (see recipe).

I chopped all the leaves and stems along with lots of onions. I fried the onions, added the chopped broccolini leaves, pepper, one carton of vegetable stock and one carton of chicken stock. 

I let them simmer for over an hour until the stock was half what I started with. This is how things looked like.

I food processed all, tasted it and it was, as expected, bitter. I added some lemon, but no success. I put all in the fridge and asked for a meeting with the soup natzee the next day.

I should have taped our meeting so everyone can hear the passion she has for soup making (along with great advice).

Working with her advice, I added 2 tsps of sugar (one at a time in case it gets too sweet). On the side, I made a roux with a chicken bouillion cube, flavoured with sweet paprika, skipped adding any cream or milk, mixed and served. It turned out to be exceptional!

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