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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Saturday Night Pasta

Saturday night pasta was initiated by two unique products I discovered roaming Vancouver.

The first is al dente three peppercorn fettuccine and the second are those canned green peppercorn. I needed something simple to go with them and not overpower the peppercorn flavours.

And as such was born this simple dish with not so simple ingredients.

The starting point was the sauce - very very simple; 6 Tbsp olive oil in which you fry one clove of garlic, crushed.

For vegetables, I used those fresh local broccolini that I picked up at Commercial Drive this morning. 

They took 1 minute to cook in the hot olive oil and garlic. They have a completely different taste than broccoli; softer in texture but on the bitter side.

I then added fresh prawns, cooked them for a couple of minutes, sprinkled with a generous portion of the green peppercorns, and added the cooked pasta to this simple sauce.

The combination of the bitterness of the broccolini with the peppercorns within and around the fettuccine made for a really nice unique pasta dish.

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