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Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween @ somerville kitchen

The activities started with carving a pumpkin. Once this was done, the entrance to the kitchen got decorated and was ready for close to 100 kids who made their way up the stairs.

The kids had their mini chocolate bars, but 5 lucky parents had a bag of treats too - plants for their jardins.

The event was hosted by Archie. 

Archie scared a lot of little kids, but was clearly an entertainment to the parents. One parent was so excited - "at last a character we know" - and asked for a picture with Archie.

Archie's scary look was balanced by the friendliness of "Merry Christmas" roaring from the early-to-arrive Santa and, the tea snobs, who, despite the name of the costume, were very friendly to the kids.

But a night at somerville kitchen without food does not qualify for the blog. 

Food was delivered by tea snobs - delicious piles of pizza from the recently opened Trilussa Pizza & Pane on 4363 Main Street.

The owner and chef, Alessandro Fonseca, made special pizzas for the party with all sorts of creative toppings including pancetta, potatoes, mozerella, pecorino, sausages and so on. It was a delicious way to munch our way through the evening. 

Archie made his way around the neighbourhood and threw his bounty on the table as dessert. But the bounty was overwhelmed very quickly by the somerville kitchen made Better Home & Gardens marbled chocolate pumpkin brownies (read more about this at Thanksgiving 2011 Part 1).

All had fun except for cats. He was surely not impressed with all those strange little creatures invading his territory and the ongoing neighbourly fireworks. 

Happy Halloween from somerville kitchen!

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