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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Be Remarkable Another Year

Most of you would know by now how much I love credit unions (see I Love Credit Unions post). Not only I love being a member of one, but I love working with them in my non-blogging life, specially with gifts like these cupcakes showing up at work as part of the launch of this year's Be Remarkable Advertising (see

Cupcakes made and delivered by Sweat Tease Cupcakes (

Anyone half my age in British Columbia (Canada) would have seen these posters on campus and the corresponding TV ads. 

The guy stuck in his lobster promotion job where credit unions can get him saving for a better future (click here for full TV ad).

Or the ambitious young woman who wants to open a bakery for totally organic and anatomically correct cake but no bank is taking her seriously to help with financial advice (click here for full TV ad).

Well, the cupcakes reflected the themes of the ad. The cute red lobsters designed the fluffy creamy cubcakes.

And the anatomically correct cupcake element was covered by David's leaf.

Sorry, I can only show the leaf publicly. For a shot of what is under the leaf on those cupcakes, you have to contact me at with an exotic recipe.

 Thank you Be Remarkable!