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Friday, 14 October 2011

Sumac Night

A most dignified, elegant, classy 89 year old lady was a guest at somerville kitchen tonight and I wanted to treat her to something special, yet unique. Looking out of my window, I see the sumac plant in its beautiful fall colours; thus Sumac Night became the dinner's theme.

The humus was sprinkled with sumac, adding a lemony taste to the dish. For the Baba Ghanouj, I followed mom's recommendation of pomegranate instead - still red and sour taste to match the theme.

A beautiful jardin tomato was cut in wedges, and served, Lebanese style, with salt and sumac.

And my beloved Manakeesh have sumac as an inherent part of the topping, so some of those came out of the freezer, served with Lebanese olives and Labneh balls.

The entree was grilled kebabs. Meat marinated with sumac, olive oil, salt and pepper and chicken marinated with yogurt, oregano, sumac and olive olive oil.

Those were served with another sumac-based salad - Fatoush

For desert, nothing but the special recently discovered recipe of Atayef with ricotta cheese and walnut stuffing options. 

These were so good that even cats wanted to try, but he ended up wearing it as a beret instead.

A special night with a very special person. See you again soon.


jgm said...

a truly elegant dinner, a delight for all the senses!

mary-of-the-prairie felt so honoured!

looks like you're going to have to launch a hat blog too!

Dorothy said...

I bet everyone enjoyed the dinner!! Your cat friends are very obliging!

somerville kitchen said...

Everyone did Dorothy, thanks. Yes, that poor cats, tolerates a lot for the blog. But deep inside he enjoys it.