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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Jardin Green Tomatoes

One small tomato plant grew into pounds and pounds of tomatoes (see previous jardin tomato posts - Arrival of Jardin Tomatoes &Tomato Night).

With the rain and night temperatures below 10 degrees, it was time to bring the full crop in to protect these beautiful tomatoes from rotting all green. So, like prairie farmers, we went out into the field and carried back baskets and baskets of green tomatoes.

The counters started getting full, so the bookshelves-project-in-progress came in handy to store those tomatoes and let them turn red on their own time.

Last night, tomatoes were used as an appetizer and in Fatoush (See Sumac Night). But I still have all those tomatoes to use. Any advice? Please NO canning, frozen, or pasta sauce ideas; I am looking for interesting recipes. Please comment or forward to

Meanwhile, let's admire one of my jardin's pride and joy!.

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