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Friday, 4 November 2011

Anyone Into Bannock?

On a busy Friday I found myself with an hour or so of no meetings around lunch time.

And I found myself on the west side, so decided to try this restaurant after reading about it for over a year now.

Salmon n' Bannock is probably the only native food restaurant in the city today. And it sure has a unique menu.

There were so many things I wanted to try; traditional bannock of course, Indian candy with creme fraiche, bison burger, the berry bannock bread pudding (yum) and on and on. But I settled for those three items.

A heaping bowl of hot Deer Stew. I have never eaten deer before and probably would never have a chance to eat it again.

Once you put behind you the images of cute deer, it is not too bad. The meat itself is not as good as bison meat, but the broth was light and tasty.  

The stew came with a bannock. I would have liked to try the traditional one which, I believe, is deep fried.

But this was the baked one - it is a marriage between bread and cake. Soft, just a tad sweet, moist, but has a bread flavour to it.

I dipped it in the stew and ate it all in no time.

After a bathroom break, I came back to one of their specialties - ojbway wild rice with cranberries and mushrooms. Unique, almost sweet, moist but not too buttery, and definitely delicious. 

Worth a try if you are into an experimentation or traditional native food adventure. The ambiance is not the greatest (specially the blasting dance music), but the guys running it are pleasant, polite, and know how to prepare their food.

Salmon n' Bannock
1128 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

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