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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Balanced Diet Day

Morning - Healthy

A bowl of Alpen cereal. Most likely the healthiest lowest calorie/sodium cereal out there. But while packed with fiber and iron, it is low in protein so it fills you up only to be hungry 10 minutes later. I tried it with Vanilla Hemp Bliss, a hemp beverage which I think will be used to water plants or something tomorrow. 

Mid Morning - Unhealthy

Business meeting at Giovane Cafe + Wine Bar (cafe by day, wine bar by night).

The baked goods looked really good and tempting, but I restrained only to make up for it with their "famous" hot chocolate. Heavy on cream, light on chocolate, nothing special about it except that it sells for $4.50

Lunch - Healthy

Leftovers Moroccan vegetarian stew over quinoa (see original story - orchids @ somerville kitchen). Healthy non-fat lunch, small portion. But eating it on the desk while working lost it some healthy points.

Mid-Afternoon - Unhealthy

As if all those leftover chocolate bars were not enough, suddenly decadent creamy plastic-looking cupcakes showed up. I restrained from the cupcakes but was assured they will remain fresh on the table tomorrow. But KitKats are more difficult to restrain from.

Dinner - ?

Would you describe this as healthy or unhealthy? If you peel the skin and eat the white meat, why isn't it healthy? The fries may not qualify as healthy but relaxing in front of the fire is sure healthy.

The cat sure enjoyed it so much he could not stop kissing the colonel.

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