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Monday, 14 November 2011

Scouse Again?

Scouse, coleslaw and popovers are becoming a regular Sunday feature at somerville kitchen (see previous Scouse entries at Thanksgiving 2011Cozy Sunday and Halloween Scouse). Last night was no exception.

It all started with this beautiful chunk of Indian Pumpkin from Fraser street.

It is way more orange looking than regular pumpkin, with a skin closer to squash than pumpkins and huge dark coloured seeds. 

Debate between a Mma Ramotswe stew and Scouse won in favour of Scouse 2-0.

Tonight, the pumpkin was kept company by potatoes, carrots, and turnips. 

Meat cooked, broth and water added, a jardin thyme and a jardin bay leaf and the Scouse was shipped back into the stove for its four hours cooking journey as I sat and enjoyed the beautiful Sunday we had this weekend.

What a recipe, it never fails (so grateful for the introduction J.M.); I am now an official Scouse addict.

Another Scouse addict in progress is cats - here he is with finger-licking Scouse paws.

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