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Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Culture of Leftovers by Replacement Chef

The Culture of Leftovers article two days ago generated lots of interest in sharing leftovers experiment. As I wait for a couple of followers' features coming my way, here is Replacement Chef's approach to recycling food.

First, you find leftovers (fridge still had Peas & Spaghetti from Sunday's 1972 Dinner).

You heat up the leftovers and put them in a plate.


Okay, the fridge has lots of those delicious lumberjack eggs.

You fry those eggs (somerville kitchen style). You serve an egg on top of the leftover pasta and, voila!

But the culture of leftovers by Replacement Chef includes a strong aspect of design. As such, the meal was not complete until three next steps:

1. Set a nice looking table

2. Enhance the sophistication of the platter look by sprinkling peas on the egg

3. Give it a fancy name like nouilles aux pois et oeufs gourmet (that is when cats decided not to have anything to do with this).

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