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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Radville Style Dinner

It all started with my shopping escapade at Rumours in Regina Airport (read Rumour Has It).

A cookbook by residents of Radville, SK, a small Saskatoon Berries jam and a recipe for buttermilk biscuits.

I experimented with the recipe (forgive me Radville) and included fresh dill in the dough.

The recipe not only includes buttermilk but you coat the biscuits with buttermilk prior to baking for a delicious crust.

With the jam, they served as food accompaniment and dessert.

But what was dinner? That was where Radville met somerville kitchen and the kitchen decided to make up its own pasta sauce tonight.

The simplest form of meatballs - ground beef, bread crumbs and pepper.

Those were cooked on low heat and a bit of oil.

They were then taken out of the pan and put aside.

To the same pan, a garlic clove, fresh jardin thyme, and lots of tomato paste were added.

A bit of water until the paste got a sauce consistency. The meatballs returned to the pan and all simmered.

Jardin spaghetti squash was brought out of the cellar, cut in half, and positioned inside part down in 1 inch of water and cooked. The water trick gave it increased moisture.

A nice, simple and tasty dinner Radville style.

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