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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Truck Stop Lunch for Dinner

Not all leftover cooked chicken was used in the Monday Chicken Soup.

So tonight non-truckers pretended to be truckers having truck stop lunch for dinner.

And sandwiches were on the menu.

First there were two versions of chicken salad given lent. 

The not-on-lent had a standard North American truck stop chicken salad with (white and creamy lent no-no) mayo, pepper, pickles and celery.

Those on lent had a Mediterranean truck stop (do those exist?) chicken salad that included pickles, lettuce, pickled turnips (Lefett) and lemon juice.

The chicken salad sandwiches faced tough competition from the burgers.

Of course one can't have a truck stop lunch without french fries. And tonight's were fried with their skin on. 

Do cats hang around truck stops I wonder? 

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