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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Let Me Introduce you to Trafiq

Trafiq (4216 Main Street) looks like a bistro, smells like a bakery and feels like a cafe. In fact, it delivers exceptionally well on all.  

Whether you are looking for a place to hang out, fresh bread to pick up or have a coffee and some treats, Trafiq is the place on Main.

Croissants or special-to-order sandwiches; panini or delicious breads; treats or signature cakes; Trafiq has it all with top-notch quality and value prices (see full menu online).

Yet to try what the whole city is raving about - Trafiq's Chunky Monkey.

I think I need the help of the lovely welcoming owners describing it. The best I can offer is a tempting-looking bread pudding cake covered with chocolate.

Another tempting treat that was described by a taster as "you can taste the quality and care in the dough" is Trafiq's Cinnamon Swirl.

A yummy twist on the cinnamon bun.

Now the litmus test are what is referred to as the Trafiqer Favourite Signature Éclairs.

I just love éclairs but it is difficult to find good authentic European tasting ones in the city. 

If their hot cross buns (read Easter Goodies) are an indication of the quality of baking, I am betting Trafiq will deliver with flying colours on those éclairs. The issue is which to try first, the vanilla or the chocolate?

But it's not all sweet. I have tried three of Trafiq's sandwiches already and my favourite to-date is the Ham & Cheese Croissant. 

Next on the list to try is the Artichoke & Brie Quiche - can't wait

Find me this summer at Trafiq...

Trafiq Café & Bakery
4216 Main Street
Vancouver, BC
Trafiq Café & Bakery (Main St.) on Urbanspoon

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