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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Unpacking The Yellers

As if somerville kitchen is not filled with enough goodies after last week's deliveries from abroad (read about them in Part 1 & Part 2), the yellers' bags emptied more goodies.

"Barazek" are a Syrian specialty (those were baked fresh in Toronto though). 

Those are sweet cookies with pistachios; sprinkled with sesame. They usually come in different sizes - from 3 inch to 1 inch diameters.

Baked goods also included dozen bags of freshly baked pitas from Toronto's Arz bakery.

Between those and the trip to Burnaby's Pita Bread Factory, my freezer now has enough pita till end of the world in December.

Fresh green almonds are in season. And I am so glad they are abundant in Toronto.

They feel like suede, easy to crunch into, and the almond is still moist and white. 

Best when dipped in salt.

Another delicacy that is (a) incredibly difficult to make and (b) not all ready made brands do it well is  Fig Marmalade.

They are made from figs, sugar, anise and sesame. I like to eat it with a fork, not on bread. I could just see myself blogging and snacking on this in le jardin this summer.

You can find them in many Middle Eastern stores in Vancouver, but not all brands are good quality. This is a Salloum brand that is made in Lebanon and is not sold in Vancouver - great discovery by the Yellers.

But I got most excited over the house warming gifts.

Two tea cups...

And sweets' serving dishes...

Thank you Yellers!

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