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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Welcoming The Yellers

A week after Welcoming The Parents, The Yellers were welcomed to somerville kitchen with a day of food.

As fresh mango lassi cups were circulating, the table spread included sweets and savoury treats.

The star on the sweet side was an amazing fresh, sweet tasting Cinnamon Coffee Anita Cake. So moist, everyone was taking seconds and I am still treating myself to another piece as I write.

Fresh pineapple slices surrounded frozen Trafiq cinnamon buns

The few decadent top hat cup cakes that lasted the previous night's celebration joined the welcoming brunch today. 

And sugar highs increased the level of yelling among all. 

On the savoury side, cold cuts, cheeses and home made Labneh were on the table.

Also served was a platter of Sudanese Foul - fava beans with lemon juice and olive oil served with feta cheese and boiled eggs.

Four hours later, everyone sat down for "Kaiss". 

The word means drinking glass and also references having a drink with some light munchies before dinner.

As the men were enjoying Scotch and wine with fresh almonds and potato chips, the women were preparing a delicious rice, chicken and meat dish covered with fried almonds and pine nuts.

The accompanying options were a fresh lettuce, beats, tomatoes and cucumber salad and/or buttered corn, carrots and peas combo.

By 8 pm, all were pleasantly stuffed and ready for bed.

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Masi said...

I'm sure Mama's chicken & rice must be special but I also have no doubt that she'd be well impressed by yours too from here

yani just saying!