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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

somerville RaTs

You obviously know somerville kitchen. You have probably come across somerville orchids. Last week you were introduced to somerville cats. But what is or who are somerville RaTs?

RaTs is a reference to those types that are, at best, pretentious; nouveau riche; materialistic; show-offs - you got the picture.

Well my today's food roaming made me feel very RaTty.

One business meeting at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver's Griffins.

An establishment in the city, and one of my favourite hotel restaurants. But to go there, skip the buffet and have their 900 West Feature Salad with grilled salmon is very RaT behaviour indeed.

And since I'm at it, why not have the next meeting at the fancy Vancouver Art Gallery's café (The Gallery Café).

Another one of my pretentious favourite hang-outs in the city, specially on a sunny warm day where you can sit in a garden in the sun right in the middle of the city. The pleasures of not having an office.
One thing they do best there is their desserts. And my favourite is their Nanaimo Bar.

Not really RaT food, but I had to redeem myself. Well, the Sanpellegrino increased my RaT ratings very quickly.

At least my calorie count remains in check given I skipped the buffet at Griffins (Oh no, I am counting calories... how RaT of me).

Since it's somerville RaTs' day, why not go to my least favourite, most expensive grocery store while I'm at it. And skip cooking for pre-made food (roasted chicken, which I have to admit is one of the better ones in the city).
I got tired of lining up at the deli for salads, so picked up the pre-packed (in the US) potato salads (deviled eggs and classic).

The check out attendant insisted I get four buns to make it a combo and save $2.69 on the purchase - what a great way to encourage eating what we don't need to eat while people are starving around us.

Oh I am so glad to be back at somerville kitchen.

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