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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Let's Celebrate

2:00 pm, yet another series of July birthday celebrations kicks off.

An artist, an art studio, and a designer spread with white and pink theme, favourite colour of the birthday lady.

Attention to detail down to the colourful umbrellas on fresh summer cakes filled with summer pink and red fruit.

And there was chocolate cake, chocolate dip with fruit - all were chocolate happy.

4:30 pm, celebrations continue over a heated debate on what makes a potato salad.

Some claim that if less than three ingredients with potatoes, it is not a salad. Other asserted its saladness.

I simply enjoyed the potato "  " 's deliciousness along with the BBQ.

BBQ peppers, BBQ lamb and turkey sausages and a really tasty greens and radishes salad - an amazing dinner.

The 3rd birthday cake of the weekend was a real treat.

This was a home made quinoa (not quinoa flour) and chocolate raspberry cake (with no sugar or flour).


Simply a wonderful evening and a perfect way to wrap up birthday celebrations (for this week that is).

Happy Birthday M, J & B.

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