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Saturday, 7 July 2012

My Attempt At Ghormeh Sabzie

A dear Iranian friend introduced me to Ghormeh Sabzie - an Iranian herb stew (including fenugreek leaves) that is not easy to make.

I know I love it. I also know I won't be able to recreate it from scratch.

But when I saw the packages of the frozen mixed herbs at Yek O Yek (read shopping story at Yek O Yek on Main), I could not resist.

I went from memory and made a simple version. First, I defrosted the cooked herbs.

Some already cooked beef stew came out of the freezer and added to the herbs.

I recall beans, so a can of kidney beans was dropped in. I know it calls for dried Persian limes, but that was pushing it for me.

Ghormeh Sabzie is eaten with Iranian rice. I have watched Iranians make this rice so many times and I still cannot perfect it.

But I tried. Some barbari bread and a mock-Iranian meal was served.

It sure did not taste anywhere near the original from-scratch versions I have had and I apologize to my Iranian friends and readers if I have messed up one of your traditional meals. But I was craving it and had to do with what I could get my hands on. I am accepting invites for dinner though...

1 comment:

Ellie said...

Yum! I remember having this a lot when I was Iran. Have you tried making Fesenjun yet?