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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Mid Week Feasting

There are no written rules to say that major feasting is limited to the weekends. On a school night, and in celebration of a dear friend's visit, a major feast was in order.

The feasting began with a beautiful jardin tabouleh. This year's jardin parsley and mint are amazing and nothing better than turning them into this delicious appetizer; served with jardin grape vine leaves.

A delicious Molokhia prepared by Lady K followed.  Made with dried mallow leaves imported directly from the middle east and packed with aromatic chicken broth, garlic and coriander, a full tureen did not last long between three hungry Molokhia fans.

A key topping for Molokhia is chopped onion with vinegar. Lady K likes her onions and presented us with white and red vinegar and onion options, twinkling like crystals.

To go with the feasting theme, Eish El Sarayah was served with cafe blanc in the beautiful cup of Lady K's family.

Thank you Lady K. Click on highlighted links of dishes' names for recipes.

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