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Monday, 27 August 2012

Rumpus Rumpus

Whether strolling or driving along Main Street, you cannot miss the colourful patio and hanging flamingos of The Rumpus Room.

Sitting on this colourful patio, you quickly get lost in a psychedelic eating experience that no matter how beautiful these people walking on Main Street are, you just don't notice anything or anyone once you are inside the mind manifesting Rumpus Room

But you will sure notice the friendly servers and the most interesting food presentation. I was so tempted to just walk away with this beautiful tray that the Vegetarian Platter was served on.

I skipped all the temptations of all-natural, hormone free burgers and opted for the classic veggie burger. I still don't know what I was biting into, but I know it was a multiple sensory stimulating eating experience.

All Two Handfulls as they call the sandwiches at The Rumpus Room come with choice of fries, yam fries, veggie chili, soup, coleslaw, side salad, side wedge salad, mashed potatoes or a waffle.

Waffle, you ask? Yup, they say, you can have a waffle with anything at The Rumpus Room.

I thought a waffle with a brioche bun on one plate may be too much, so I opted for the veggie chili which came in a bowl the size of what a main chili meal will come in at other diners.

Now I am intrigued about the side wedge salad. Next time.

And let's not forget about the sweet (yes very sweet, in a good way) house made lemonade.

What I was hallucinating about though was the seasonal fruit sundae with vanilla ice cream and real whip cream.

Well, next time I am on Main Street, you will see me lounging there with that Sundae on a mid-week sunny afternoon.

The Rumpus Room
2689 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

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