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Friday, 24 August 2012

More and More Summer Snacking

A month ago I collected a series of snacking under Summer Snacking.

I enjoyed writing it so much that two weeks later, a second installment appeared under More Summer Snacking.

Today, I am enjoying a low pressure, little work day in the sun so another installment of this fun series was in order.

The following five snacks were not necessarily filling but were definitely fun to eat, and very much aligned with summer (or else why call the series summer snacking?).

First, a spread by Grand View Szechuan delivered right to the picnic table.

Then a mini mini snack on the two and only jardin blueberries of the season. Wish there were more (see that beautiful colour on them?).

A surprise gift shows up on my desk one day - POM pomegranate juice. The bottle is as sexy looking as the taste is fresh, natural and refreshing. And you can watch a great video on How to Open a Pomegranate by clicking HERE.

When one is hungry and wants a snack, skip the potato chips and try this ready-made red pepper humus with red corn tortillas - matches the red of POM.

Finally, towards the last days of raspberry season (read about its peak at Raspberry Forest) the stock dwindled, but the few picked up were ideal to brighten a yogurt and cream dessert.

Even cats had some summer snacking as a result.

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