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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Dim Sum Weekend - Saturday

Hungry, on Broadway, and this sign appears.

Are you serving Dim Sum? Yes, they say. The place is rich, pristine and we are the only non-Chinese on site. It must be good. 

The baked minced pork pie was a novelty - it had a real pie crust and was stuffed with what tasted like a pork stew. Obviously crafted by hand on site, this was a worthwhile dim sum novelty to try.

The dumplings also appeared freshly prepared on site. This steamed black truffle dumpling is a must for truffle lovers. Light, flavourful, fancy.

The watercress with shrimp dumpling was not as novel, but yet very well done.

The gai lan comes in three options - steamed, garlic or fried. The steamed was plain enough, but the quality of the vegetable was very good that it tasted amazing just steamed.

Just for fun, a non-dim sum item was ordered - the appetizer bean curd sheets with mushrooms wrap. It took us by surprise; it was served cold.

A worthwhile discovery.

Dynasty Seafood Restaurant
108-777 Broadway West
Vancouver, BC
Dynasty Seafood Restaurant 皇朝海鮮酒家 on Urbanspoon

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