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Friday, 7 September 2012

JOEY Bentall One

If you are to experience Joey Restaurant (and there are 21 of them in North America), you may as well have the ultimate Joey experience at the Bentall One location downtown Vancouver.

The place takes over half a block, is buzzing with energy and beautiful people and has a menu with some very authentic and different items. While the patios are right on the busiest corner of the city, the layout managed to make patio seating feel private and quiet.

Between the time we placed an order to the time the food arrived, we had (by mistake) received a bill, the wrong food, the wrong side dish with the food.

But all is forgiven given how charming and engaging those waitresses are.

As for the food...You can tell those pan fried Goyozas were made from scratch on premise, and beautifully designed with hot mustard drop.

The taste nice, the texture gooey but not greasy.

The other appetizer was what I think is a Joey original - chilli chicken.

Tempura style chicken with some home made crackers, cucumbers and chilli sauce.

Size large enough to not only share but be one's meal.

The Steak and Sushi platter came in a fancy presentation like a sushi platter, but on the carnivores side.

So what did I think of Joey? A striking place with creative food experience and personality servers. 

I hear their Bombay Butter Chicken is the authentic Indian villagers' recipe. Next trip.

JOEY Bentall One
507 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC

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