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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sundays @ Kits Farmers Market

My typical Sunday (read Sunday Ritual) does not include a trip to Kitsilano Farmers Market at 10th and Larch.

But given the recent spree of discovering Farmers Markets around the city and knowing a couple of vendors that I want to check out are there, I took the plunge and crossed Main Street into the wild wild west.

There I found one of the largest, busiest, most varied and most expensive Farmers Markets that I discovered to-date. If you do not live in the neighbourhood to be able to walk there, don't count on finding parking - there is a church, hockey arena and farmers market in the same block.

But all this effort was worth it in the end, given some special finds.

I have tasted Christopher Brown's artisan bread last weekend when I picked up a loaf at sweet e's.

Love at first bite made me trace Rise Artisan Bakery's breads to Kitsilano Farmers' Market.

I stocked up on bread for tonight's dinner, his famous grape bread (bread with rosemary and grapes - a piece of art), a delicious breakfast muffin and some chilli and chocolate cookies for someone special.

Definitely worth tracing this baker's whereabouts (he will be at Kitsilano Farmers Market this coming Sunday again).

The other special find at this market is Jennifer's Jiffies beautifully pre-packaged soup mixes, salad mixes, baking mixes and rubs. 

4 for $25 is definitely a great deal, so I walked out with Loads of Lentils Soup, Minestrone Soup, Sunflower Seed & Current Quinoa Salad and a Curry Rice Pilaf.

Jennifer is back at Kitsilano Farmers Market next Sunday, so catch her before she disappears to prepare for a series of craft fairs throughout November and December where she will be appearing again with those beautiful healthy natural gifts.

The rest of the vendors were many of the same ones you find in other markets, except there are many many more of them.

A memorable one was the apples' lady; very sweet and pleasant, making shopping easy by pricing all the different apples and pears the same price - so go wild; mix and match.

Another one that stood out was the only potatoes vendor with endless selection of new potatoes - I bought the French Red that look amazing. 

But the real surprise was this platter roaming the market.

No, those are not pineapples. 

They are yellow watermelons, a creation I have never heard of nor tasted before. Worth trying but make sure you pick a ripe one - the one I bought was not as yellow nor tasty inside.

A fun stroll indeed, despite the crowds. Will I go back? We shall see.

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