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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Fall = Turkey Dinners

Who says that turkey dinners are for Thanksgiving only? 

It was a surprise, albeit very pleasant surprise, to show up to a dinner invite on the first day of fall and find a full turkey dinner waiting. Brilliant idea.

And it was the full Thanksgiving style turkey dinner - a beautiful turkey that has been leisurely cooking all day and came out moist and juicy; heaping bowls of mushroom gravy; simply boiled red potatoes leaving the mashed side for a yams/carrots mash that looked very appropriate for welcoming fall.

And yes, there was stuffing.

But what was most special about this dinner are the salads.

A quinoa salad with peppers, olives and red onion was a perfection of a salad with a bite and went very well with the fall colours and dinner theme.

The second salad was a melange of baby spinach, onions, mushrooms, cabbage, peppers and feta cheese.

An amazing combination that I chose to eat (and fully enjoy) dressing free.

But given that summer just left us, dessert was appropriately summer based. Those individual cups of low fat, yet very very tasty ice-creams (130 calories a cup) were perfect for a transitioning to fall kind of night.

Thank you Laura.

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