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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesday Stir Fry

Three factors drove dinner tonight.

1. Oak Street Farmers' Market

Love those Wednesday quick trips to Oak Street Farmers' Market. Some interesting zucchinis, fresh carrots and peppers, broccolini and banana pepper made for a perfect Wednesday vegetarian stir fry base.

2. Jardin Peppers

Jardin peppers are in abundance, ripe enough to eat so time to start using them.

And what's a better way to use them than in a Wednesday stir fry.

Surprisingly though, those peppers are not hot - they taste like regular green peppers but in the guise of hot peppers.

So I added a dry chilli to the black banana pepper and the jardin green pepper for a poivres aux trois couleurs Wednesday stir fry.

 3. Home Made Black Bean Sauce

A gift from a dear friend. I thought a Wednesday stir fry is a perfect time to try it.

But I have never worked with fresh black bean sauce before. I tried to add some water to it and added it to the frying oil at the beginning.

I then added some to the water, soy sauce and corn starch I typically mix at the end in my stir fry.

But it did not yield the right black bean sauce effect I was hoping for my Wednesday stir fry. I will have to invite the maker soon for a lesson on how to cook with this.

But at the end of Wednesday, it was very tasty Wednesday stir fry.

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