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Friday, 21 September 2012

Sweet & Savoury Summer Snacking

As the summer ends, memories of this summer's snacking are lingering.

A savoury treat of fried eggs with sausages.

For colour, a couple of cheeses, some olives, tomatoes, cucumber and bread. 

Eaten leisurely at a working-in-jardin office break.

This Café Du Monde Beignet Mix always comes in handy for a sweet spontaneous snack on a starry summer night.

If I were patient enough to shape the dough into stars, then we have had stars under the stars.

Lebanese savoury olive oil smashes, courtesy of Lady K.

Foul (fava beans) smashed with olive oil and lemon and sprinkled with tomatoes, mint and onions.

Bamieh (Okra) cooked with olive  oil, onions and tomatoes, then smashed.

Humus smashed to creaminess with olive oil, topped with chick peas, mint and paprika.

Delicious sweet petit fours from La Petite France Pattiserie (2655 Arbutus Street, Vancouver).

Custard lemon meringue, almond cake and chocolate brownies, French style.

What a pleasant snack.

somerville kitchen tried to replicate a savoury snack platter from Surprise Chef's visit last month.

somerville kitchen failed miserably in replicating the look of the platter (see original at Surprise Chef).

My favourite summer sweet (and white and creamy) snack.

Kozy Shack Rice Pudding topped with strawberries sprinkled with sugar and left to sit for few hours - a highly recommended somerville kitchen summer snack.

Sweet & Savoury came together on this afternoon in the sun snack.

A mix of goat cheese, onions, tomatoes, oregano and olive oil on a cracker, topped with a nice Saudi sweet dates. Surprisingly perfect.

A snack for 3 including (a) Not feeling well guest having home made chicken noodle soup (with turnips and chard); (b) A fat chef sticking to steamed potatoe dinner; (c) a summer sweet & savoury snack for cats.

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