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Monday, 10 September 2012

What to Do This Wednesday

One of my favourite hangouts on Wednesday afternoons is the Oak Street Farmers Market

Easy to find with parking on 41st or behind the market, it is a dozen or so tents/stalls at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver on the North East corner of Oak and 41.

The produce varies from week to week, there are neat vendors and entertainment. Most importantly, given its location and the time of day (I usually go between 3 and 5 pm), it does not have the masses of people and corresponding line ups and noise that you find at other Farmers' Markets.

The "tomato guy" is so friendly, letting you can pick whatever shape and colour of tomatoes you want.

And those are reasonably priced compared to what you find in other markets and organic stores.

The lovely "butter lady" from Churn Butters is here every 2nd week. Her roasted almonds and date butter is like melting fudge (conveniently, I had a date cake that I tried it on when I got home).

I bought a selection of those apples and different plums on Wednesday from the two "friendly farmers" and I am still enjoying them right now as I write - the selection is great and you better be there this week.

The line ups at Blackberry Hill "bakeress" are worth standing in.

The variety in such a small space is amazing. I restrained from the creamy stuff this time, but may not be able to restrain on the next visit.

And this is just a sample of what you can find there. The cucumbers, potatoes and corn I bought were excellent (even though those were on the expensive side).

A Bread Affair is also there along with many other farmers that I did not have a chance to meet yet.

You can also sharpen your knives while at it. And if the whole experience is not relaxing enough for you, an on-site Shiatsu massage will do the trick.

So check it out this Wednesday before the season is behind you.

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