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Monday, 5 November 2012

Coffeebar Just Looks Good

Killing time before a meeting, Coffeebar looked like a perfect hangout - nicely lit space, trendy furniture, art on the walls, hispters hanging out. I thought it is time I gave it a try.

However, it was disappointment after disappointment.

While the coffee is high quality, the coffee makers did not have a clue what they were doing. The first drip coffee was made twice, and made badly.

The exchanged with cafe latté was bland and the promised milky design simply did not happen (picture on the left is how the latté looked).

Their baked goods looked varied and scrumptious. 

A pumpkin bar sounded unique, but it was just tasteless. The cinnamon rolls simply did not feel fresh (and those can last for a long time if done well).

You combine all of this with inattentive service and $18.00 for a coffee, a steamed milk, and two baked goods makes Coffeebar a place not to go back to.

At least the art was nice...

10 Water Street
Vancouver, BC

Coffeebar on Urbanspoon

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