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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Four Sunday Eaters

Three humans and an animal were hungry this Sunday. And they sure ate well.

First, the chicken was stuffed with lemon, jardin rosemary, bay leaves and thyme.

The chicken roasted for two hours on a bed of onions, potatoes, mushrooms and carrots; those vegetables were there to generate the second part of the meal - a perfect gravy with no thickening added agent.

Third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh on the list were popovers, roasted tomatoes, grilled Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes and mashed melange of turnips, Japanese yam and carrots.

The four Sunday eaters' tummies were very content. But wait, there was an eighth element that came after a in-front-of-fire-place break: a delicious home baked French Vanilla Yogurt Cake with whipped cream and market strawberries from the summer's market days.

 Good night from the four Sunday Eaters.

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