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Friday, 25 January 2013

Healthy Business Breakfast

The first business meeting was at 9:00 a.m. at Brioche

Knowing that I had another business meeting over food in two hours, I wanted to keep it light.

And light it was...

Healthy Business Breakfast Part 1 - Coconut Cream Pie and Steamed Milk

401 West Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC

Brioche on Urbanspoon

Two hours later, I was at the second business meeting. This one was at Deacon's Corner.

This is a real diner with the chairs, decor and music. If you have not heard of it nor tried it, it is worth the trip

The menu is larger than typical diners' menu with an all-day breakfast items; but alas, no milkshake.

Given my first breakfast was so light, I thought I better have a real breakfast now.

Healthy Business Breakfast Part 2 - Good Old Southern Boy; eggs with house made chili and cheddar cheese, corn grits, bacon, hash brown and healthy whole wheat toast

Deacon's Corner
101 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

Deacon's Corner on Urbanspoon 

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