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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Second Time Around

I tried Fishworks almost a year ago (read all about it at Fish & Art in North Van).

I liked it a lot then but did not add it as one of my Favourite Places, pending another trip. Well, Fishworks was as amazing the second time as the first time and is now on my list of Favourite Places.

In my previous article, I wrote "our server was one of the best I have encountered to-date - pleasant, knowledgeable and efficient". Today's server was all of that but with the added polite sense of humour. Fishworks sure knows how to hire.

The Albacore Tuna Tataki  with mango and avocado was very very good. The mangoes used were hard ones given the season, as our exceptional server explained. They gave this dish a bitter-sweet taste.

The fish and chips actually felt healthy. Fish tasted very fresh, batter light and not greasy. The fries were excellent. And just look at this elegantly cut lemon; how can you not love this place.

The chocolate mousse with fresh berries was as elegantly presented as wonderfully it tasted. 

And of course, the final touch with the bill...

Fishworks Restaurant
91 Londsdale Avenue
North Vancouver, BC
Fishworks on Urbanspoon 

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