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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday @ Green Lemongrass

On a lazy Sunday night (and typically of any lazy night at somerville kitchen), Green Lemongrass Vietnamese Restaurant is always a great choice.

It is close by, clean, quiet, consistent food and good service (read more at Live @ Green Lemongrass). 

So, tonight, like any other lazy night, off to Green Lemongrass. Typically, it is the same order - beef satay with Vietnamese spring rolls.

But given I wanted to blog one of my Favourite Places again, I decided to try something new.

Vietnamese sausage rolls were a disappointment.

Beef ribs with lemongrass were good, but not as good as the satays.

But my favourite discovery was the avocado milk shake (is avocado a fruit or a vegetable).

A fun experiment, but will revert to my regular satay and rolls next time (which will most likely be very soon).

Green Lemongrass
1086 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC

Green Lemongrass 香茅屋 on Urbanspoon

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Avocado milk shake is common in Asia. And yes, the avocado is a fruit.