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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Catses and Their Toys

Who'd ever sees catses in this pause would think that they are bored with no toys to play with and no space to roam.

Don't believe what you see VOKRA, the truth is catses are just deciding (a) which level of the house to play in and (b) which of their many toys (see picture below) they want to play with.

Now if one reads more into their cute little heads,(b) above is more like which of their many toys they will hide in a not-to-be-found except-by-catses locations today.

And those toys that are not hidden are ripped apart, specially their favourite mouses toys.

I will hate to be a real mouse in the paws of those catses.

And if not ripping off toys, they are roaming through hard to find places and finding old treats that they are not allowed to have and ripping through the metallic package with their wild teeth.

But the best part about finding catses' many toys is how they regularly appear in their food plates. 

But that's a whole different story for another Wacky Thursday.

Meanwhile, enjoy catses pretending to be sweet angles. 

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