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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

What Does Social House Means Anyways?

I have not heard of Browns Social House until I was asked to meet a potential client for lunch there.

And little did I know that there are 10 locations in the city alone, not to mention Dawson Creek, Victoria and ... Regina.

So what did I think of Browns Social House beyond the red chandelier?

Once I got over how unsuccessfully their servers were trying to pretend they are JOEY's, I started wondering about the obsession of the place with blackened chicken.

I should have tried a blackened chicken dish to make this article more interesting - what was I thinking?

Instead I ordered the Tahitian Tuna Healthy Social Bowl. 

Average to good I'd say, ingredients fresh and salad nicely dressed.

Not sure if the tuna cut into hearts was a prelude to Valentine's day, but a cute touch.

The almond rice? OK.

Will I go again you ask? Not unless I have to. 

Brown's Social House 
1908 Rosser Street
North Burnaby, Vancouver

Browns Social House on Urbanspoon 

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