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Friday, 15 February 2013

Fox Nostalgia

It is the week to be nostalgic about good restaurants that I have not visited for a long time (Read Banana Leaf).

The Blue Fox Café is another one of those restaurants that I have not been to for years.

One of the reasons is that it is in Victoria and I have not been there for a while. I usually love roaming Fort Street and ending up at The Blue Fox Café for a nice big freshly made eggs breakfast.

And how convenient that today I had a meeting in Victoria just two blocks away from my favourite café. More convenient is arriving in Victoria at 9 am with no breakfast and an hour to kill. 

In the mouth of the fox I fell.

A healthy start with freshly squeezed orange juice and decided no eggs today.

A buttered banana and maple porridge sounded healthy, warm and tasty so I ordered it.

Warm oats, freshly cooked, packed with hot baked bananas mushed in the oats, covered with home made sour cream, soaked with maple syrup,  sprinkled with cinnamon and topped with roasted pecans. 

It was an out of this world epic eating experience. 

My favourite white and creamy flavours were all there, but I felt I am doing my stomach a favour by eating healthy oats.

Well, not sure about the sour cream, so I just had a taster of that  (it was really hard to resist).

Oh the fox delivered well again.  Looking forward to my next visit.

The Blue Fox Café
919 Fort Street
Victoria, BC

Blue Fox on Urbanspoon 

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