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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Beirut Jardin

My father leaves to work real early in the morning to beat Beirut morning traffic. With over an hour to kill before the office gets active, he usually goes walking in a nearby Beirut Jardin called Sanayeh Garden.

Given I have never visited this jardin, I ventured out with dad before sunrise today, with a promise of a Manakeesh breakfast treat.

A beautiful stroll down Beirut streets to the garden then a walk through it is a really great way to kick off the day - I should train myself to wake up early and start such a ritual as of next week.

The garden has been recently named René Moawad Garden after a late decent Lebanese president who was assassinated not too far from this garden.

It dates back to the Ottaman Empire where the commander of the Sixth Turkish Army ordered its building in 1907.

Today, it is probably the only public open-space in the city (other than on-the-sea walkways).

It is simple with old trees, nice walkways, serene seating areas and some flowers that are just starting to show their beauty given the beginning of Spring today.

The most interesting aspect of strolling in this jardin is the mix of people - a true reflection of the varied demographics of Lebanon.

Young joggers (men and women) in their skimpy sports wear intermingling with older men and traditionally dressed women of every walk of age and religion - all peacefully enjoying the morning and the greenery.

After this beautiful discovery, time to redeem the Manakeesh reward at a specialized "Furn" (Arabic for bakery) that is baking stacks of Manakees for Beirut strollers.

Nothing beats a freshly baked Mankoushé (singular for Manakeesh).

They also bake irresistible cheese Manakeesh. It meant two breakfasts in one - so what; I just walked the Sanayeh Garden. 

A beautiful kick-off of the day, wrapped up just in time for Beirut waking up to the sound of traffic and workers starting their day.

I am missing you already Beirut.

Thank you dad!

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