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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Inventive Mom

My teen's attempts at creativity failed miserably, which is surprising given how creative my mom can be.

Her latest invention (or at least an invention to me since I have never had this before) is an easy egg recipe using the insides of zucchinis.

When making stuffed zucchini in Lebanon, the insides of the zucchinis are emptied, but not wasted.

The recipe is simple and I will be trying it at home next time I have zucchini insides around (wonder whether I should market them as a stand-alone item, a bag for $2.99).

1. Chop an onion and cook in olive oil until colour changes.

2. Add the zucchini insides, season with salt and pepper and cook on low heat until they change colour.

3. Crack some eggs on top.

4. Mix and cook as if you are making scrambled eggs.

5. Serve warm and enjoy - tasty and healthy.

Thank you mom for the meal and the idea.

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