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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Fraser Street Finds

There are always new finds on Fraser Street (Read more at Fraser Street Finds), specially when a small street festival is taking place.

The highlight of today's discovery is seeing the lovely one and only Beespeaker Saijiki with a variety of bee pollens.  

But one cannot ignore parrot man either with his red and green parrots.

Phew, I thought the green one ran away. But it was simply passed on to the owner of one of my favourite Fraser Street produce stores.

And yes there are foods to discover - Indian, Himalayan, Chinese, Pakistani, Bengali, Bakeries and others yet to be discovered. Today's stop was dim sum.

Dinner was also picked up - freshly made Sri Lankan food from the newly discovered Sri Lankan store that deserves a blog post on its own.

Today's favourite find though remains this white and creamy Chinese double milk pudding. Simply yum.


~T.E.~ said...

LOL, white, creamy and sweet, what a surprise!! Did that bee lady REALLY have that gy-normous hat on or was it photoshopped??

somerville kitchen said...

Yes, that gy-nomous is very real indeed.