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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Investment Decision Time

Toast Now™, after the launch of its partnership in Sapporo, Japan, is now open in Red Bank, NJ with a new best seller in that region - The Un-toast Meatloaf. 

Always open to free dinner, I invited
Toast Now™ back (read Should I Invest & Wacky Investment).

"The key part remains the toast, lined with greens".   

(The Toast Now™ rep thinks somerville kitchen is part of the franchise, snatching the greens from le jardin).

Thick slices of meatloaf go on top. 

"Use frozen vegetables as relish - simply thaw them and mix  with HP sauce. We use Ketchup in Red Bank, NJ but developing it with HP for commonwealth countries." 

"and then few leaves of marjoram to give a kick to the sandwich, more delicate and aromatic than oregano". 

Hmmm, Toast Now™ you are getting my attention now. 

So my readers, I am still on the fence about investing - should I?


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