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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Locus on Main

Don't let the decorations scare you away, Locus welcome was one of the warmest and most genuine I have received at a restaurant in a very long time (I think it was the owner).

Pleasant relaxing atmosphere (for lunch at least), bright table facing Main Street, music at the right volume and, for the drinkers, you have 15% off some drinks every Thursday, even for lunch.

My lunch companion mentioned that Locus is famous for their bread, including gluten free bread. I dived into a gluten feast and thoroughly enjoyed every one of the bread selection.

The corn pasta was an excellent choice. 

Corn fusilli mixed with ratatouille and sun-dried tomato pesto; melted feta cheese and generous topping of fresh arugula. Highly recommend it.

My companion's lamb burger looked great even on gluten free bread.

But the gluten free test failed with breadcrumbs in the burger (but all was forgiven seeing how well the owner handled the situation)


A place to visit again for sure.

4121 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

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