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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

And The Winner Is....

... an extremely witty woman to have written the wittiest email about my kaleless feasts to win an invite to this one at somerville kitchen (check out the CONTEST).

In the theme of kaleless, a 5000 years' old recipe of chard was made, for the first time ever, using kale instead (please forgive me my Phoenician ancestors).

To double guarantee it was not a kaleless feast, the delicious emergency kale muffins were supplied.

Beef was the centre of the meal with grilled kibbeh kabobs and grilled beef, Lebanese style.

With the Official Jardin Opening five days ago, the greens (three types of lettuces, marjoram and oregano) were dressed with lemon chunks and accompanied the beef.

Finally, the winning guest sweetened her tooth with direct from Lebanon and from Iran middle eastern sweets.

So next time you see a contest here, enter it; this may have been your dinner tonight.

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