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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Wacky Signs

No, those are not the wacky signs I am referring to. We will get to that later in the article.

But this adventure started with taking the sweetest house guest to a tour of Squamish.

And in Squamish, we lunched at a great restaurant.

The Campfire Grill is a real find in this growing town. A diner restaurant fusion with beautiful views from the back patio seating.

The menu is simple - BBQ'd meats that you choose with your BBQ sauce and sides.

I went for the grilled chicken with apricot sauce, baked beans and sweet potatoes mash.

Simply excellent - if a picture is worth a thousand words, then this shot of what's left on my plate tells it all.

Now back to those wacky signs. Time to use the washrooms before the trip back home. Which door should I go through?

Drop by on your way to Whistler, better than any restaurant in the Whistler Village.

The Campfire Grill
37996 Cleveland Avenue
Squamish, BC

The Campfire Grill on Urbanspoon 



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Campfire grill sucks..... I bbq better stuff everyday, if you want to have the campfire grill experience go to a back yard bbq....l it will be better...... The pics of the food don't even look good and there are far better restraunts around town! I think the owners made this?