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Monday, 29 July 2013

The Story of A Grape Vine - Part A

The jardin grape vine is loving our summer weather this year and taking over the jardin.

It was time for some chop chop.

But nothing goes to waste at somerville kitchen.

At the same time, rolling all those leaves to make Mehshi Warak will take all week and not enough neighbours to feed.

Well, mother's advice came in handy - freeze them.

And the production begun. All the leaves were separated from the vines, washed and were ready for storage.

Last year I experimented with freezing grape vine leaves. I froze a batch fresh and another one blanched.

Kitchen Tip 1: Never freeze grape vine leaves fresh.

Kitchen Tip 2: How to blanch grape vine leaves. 

Easy. Boil water in a pot.

Add a batch of leaves. Let them blanch for 30 seconds, flip over and blanch for another 30 seconds. Take out and let dry.

Amazing how quickly the colour turns (and then turns dark green again once you cook them).

Pack in freezer bags and I am now fully stocked up with frozen fresh grape vine leaves. Anyone wants to join for Mehshi Warak soon?

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