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Monday, 15 July 2013

Wow Spanish

I am so enjoying this international phase at somerville kitchen.

After the Omani groceries, the Ethiopian feast, Spanish cans appeared on the counter and a Spanish feast progressed.

The red peppers are stuffed with a creamy ground beef mixture.

A flour egg batter and right into the fryer for an amazing, simple and Spanishly delicious meal.

But wait, the Spanish feast is not over. 

A traditional Spanish Russian salad was added to the mix.

Straightforward ingredients, but not so straightforward presentation.

And of course, a Spanish rosé was opened that went extremely well with the meal in the sun.

What a lovely lovely Spanish Feast. Thank you CP.

I hear there is a Ukrainian, Polish, Indian, Lebanese and who knows what other surprises on their way throughout the week.

Stay tuned, meanwhile I am going to enjoy some cold leftover Spanish stuffed peppers for breakfast.


Zesty Bite said...

oh my, stuffed peppers - this looks amazing. When can I come for dinner? ;)

somerville kitchen said...

My dear Zesty Bite, unfortunately, the Spanish chef is on tour and back to Spain soon, but maybe a Lebanese dinner?